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Company News >> Customers in Turkey visit our factory
 Considering AC Shaded Pole Motor of 61-15 and 61-20,  and cross flow fan, customers in Turkey visited  some device in our factory and  came up with an idea to deal with some possilble problems .During the visiting, customers and our general manager had tryed every process together, at the same time, they confirmed its test standard .it was not just a reward to our slogan of high quality and low price, but also to our campany .But, it also have something need to improve. such as product volume per day, we can recruit more people to produce so that to increase product volume and reduce the delivery time.
 It is very important to recoganise from customers , but the customers' suggestion is also important, Only by constantly improving the issues raised by our customers, we will slowly close to the best suppliers. Because we are serving customers as the center for the entire appliance industry efforts to achieve the goal to contribute.

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